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The Viola Gibson library is open Monday-Friday from 8:50 a.m. to 3:50 p.m. The collection includes over 14,000 books, magazines, videotapes, and professional resources for students, staff, and parents.

Students can visit the library on a daily basis to read and check-out materials as well as have a weekly scheduled checkout for some grade levels.

Check-out policy

  • Students may check out a book for two weeks
  • Preschool: One book each visit
  • Grades K-1: Three books/magazines
  • Grades 2-3: Five books/magazines
  • Grades 4-5: Seven books/magazines

Families are billed for lost or damaged student books at the end of the school year.

Gift book program

Please consider purchasing a gift book for our school library to commemorate your child’s birthday or another special occasion. A bookplate with the donor and honoree’s names will be included in the book, and the child honored will be the first person to check it out from our library.

Library resources

Iowa AEA Online: online articles and databases
Cedar Rapids Public Library: CRCSD students may use their student ID as a library card

Online resources

Google Safe Search
Book Flix
Pearson Math
RAZ Kids
Read, Write, Think


Highlights Hidden Pictures
PBS Kids
PebbleGo Animals

First grade

Fun Brain
PBS Kids
PebbleGo Animals
Spelling City

Second grade

PebbleGo Animals
Spelling City

Third grade

Fourth grade

Fifth grade

Time for Kids